It’s 2015: What’s New In Window Treatments?

window blindsVery few homeowners can confidently say that their homes are 100% complete — down to the last detail. A lot of U.S. men and women see at least some remodeling or decor changes in their future, and, during these projects, it is pretty common for homeowners to forget a surprisingly important feature: window treatments. Selecting window blinds, shades, curtains, and/or plantation shutters can make all of the difference. Here’s a look at the most popular window treatment trends of 2015:

Crazy Textures
Wholly 29.8 million U.S. men and women surveyed in 2014 said they purchased some sort of window covering, such as window blinds, shades, curtains, or shutters, in the past year. Most do it with little thought. With just a bit more time and some creativity, window treatments can significantly improve the look and feel of your home. For instance, textured shades and blinds are all the rage. Homeowners are purchasing unique and “natural woven shades in bamboo and matchstick,” according to HGTV. With notable texture and volume, these shades immediately add depth and flair to any room — even in rooms with white walls or similarly neutral coloring. Similarly, aluminum blinds are making a comeback. “Metal looks striking in a home office, library, or game room, to add polish and a sophisticated edge,” Good Housekeepingreveals. These blinds are practical yet versatile, and often available in the standard sizes of a half inch, inch, or two inches wide.

Stylish And Practical Plantation Shutters
New plantation shutters look sophisticated and rustic all at once (that is, you’ll look classy, but not like you’re trying too hard). Even better, these window treatments are durable, lasting between 10 and 20 years with minimal maintenance and care. The wood material can complement any room or decor, although they are most common in kitchens and dining areas.

Are you remodeling your home? What about replacing decor? Either way, you can jazz up drab rooms with just a bit of texture from matchstick or bamboo shades or opt for a more refined, classic look with plantation shutters.

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