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Why Us

Cape Coral Blinds

Why EV Blinds?

Why should you call EV Blinds instead of some other company? 

No Subcontractors

There are many reasons starting with that we never use subcontractors to do the work on your home.  Why is this important?  Subcontractors often do not perform services to the same standards as the companies that hire them.  But there's much more.  For example in the state of Florida if a subcontractor or unlicensed company brings someone to work in your home and that person is hurt while doing work in your home you can be held accountable for their medical bills and even their loss of income for many years if they become disabled. The State of Florida can even take your home away to pay for those medical bills. With all this in mind we will never use subcontractors and you can rest easy knowing that ever member of our staff is highly trained and insured.

We Build Your Blinds Locally

There are still many other reasons that make us the right company to choose for installing blinds in your home. For instance we custom build your blinds right here in town. Why is this important to you?  Imagine a company installing blinds in your home or office that were built far away.  Now imagine what would happen and the delays if half way through the installation process they either damaged one of the components of your new shutters or the pieces were not the correct size.  You could end up waiting a long time for new replacement parts to come in and in the meantime you have a half finished installation of your new shutters.  That won't happen with us because we are the ones who actually build your custom shutters.  If something is damaged or missing we can simply produce a new one and finish the job without the delays or hassles.

Better Quality Installation

If you've never looked closely when blinds are being installed you might not have noticed what a huge difference there can be between how one company installs them versus another.  For example there are little window ledges at the bottom of the window frame.  Quite often these stick out.  Many companies take short cuts and try to work "around them".  The result can be that your blinds are constantly dragging across these ledges which can look bad and also cause the blinds to wear out prematurely.  We on the other hand we take the time to actually cut and trim these ledges so that they are flush with the wall (or otherwise as needed for appearance) so your blinds move smoothly.

Better Blinds

Above we mentioned that we custom build your blinds.  Custom blinds often fit better and look better than those produced by some far off factory. On top of that we use better materials that look better and last longer

Lower Prices And Better Warranties

We offer lower prices and better quality on blinds.  We can offer lower prices because we cut out the middle man by building your blinds at our local facility. Our warranties are outstanding and better than what most companies offer.  By the way, we would like to offer some friendly advice. Never buy from someone who offers you prices that are unbelievably low. Why?  They always find a way to increase the price halfway through the project.  It could be as simple as they offered you a lower price per square foot but then they exaggerate (lie) about the number of square feet of your windows. Another way they do it is to say "Such as such was not included and this will be extra".  We hear horror stories all the time.  For example people giving a deposit and then subcontractors in old beat up trucks show up with horrible low quality blinds and leave a big mess in your home.

Best of the Best

Our company philosophy is to always be the best of the best.  Best prices, Best Quality Blinds and Shutters, Best Installation, Best Warranty and Best Cleanup when finished.  Basically, we want to install shutters as if we were doing them for our best friends. So don't do something you will regret, instead call us and we will make it the best experience you could possibly have.



















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